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Suffolk's landscape is rich and varied. Its many churches, its houses and patchwork fields are the work of men of another era, the farmers, clothiers, merchants and builders of the middle ages. Suffolk's inheritance is one of the greatest concentrations of Tudor and Elizabethan buildings in England.

In the south of the county in particular, the wool trade brought great wealth and financed much of the building which exists today. The 'Wool Towns' of Lavenham and Hadleigh are full of half-timbered houses and surrounded by some of the prettiest historic villages in the country. Made famous in the paintings of Constable, so much of the area remains virtually unchanged by the passing of time.

Suffolk is also blessed with 50 miles of seashore, much of it protected by the National Trust, most of it entirely unspoilt. This coastline and the salt marshes and heathland which lie behind it are haunting and beautiful, a haven for a wide variety of birdlife.

For the walker, there is a network of paths and green lanes including the way-marked Suffolk Coast and Heath path. The scenery is full of interest but presents no more than a moderate challenge to even an occasional walker. Add to this probably the driest climate in the UK and you can see why Suffolk is absolutely ideal walking country.

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