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Norfolk is a wonderful place for walking. You know you've arrived when the pink-washed cottages give way to Norfolk flint and windmills pepper the landscape. Under sweeping skies almost every undulation brings another pretty view. Least populated of all the East Anglian counties, Norfolk is quietly waiting to be explored. Many of the loveliest villages lie hidden in their shallow valleys behind artful screens of elms. The churches often contain treasures that would be highly prized in any other county but are taken for granted here.

For the walker, Norfolk is a true delight. Low lying, your journey can be gentle and easy going, punctuated with a wealth of sites and places of interest. History abounds as you visit the medieval village of Castle Acre, the massive country houses of Oxburgh and Blickling, and the thriving market towns of Swaffham and Fakenham. Further north, the salt marshes, creeks, sand dunes and pretty ports of the North Norfolk Coast are a haven for bird lovers and those who simply want to 'get away from it all' in an area of outstanding natural beauty. If there are sites that you particularly want to visit, check opening times with us before booking your holiday



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